the worst and best website ever.

i'm anonymous M!!! or nue if you want to call me that i tend to adopt names of characters i like :3 i love doing art, playing rhythm games, coding (my dad is one of my biggest inspirations to start this website :D)

this website contains literally all things nue houjuu, anything i can find, anything!!!!!!!! art, music, fan works, games containing her, thats why i have an entire section for her and encourage you to send me anything relating to nue :)

i like to play osu, which you can check out my profile right here which i would appreciate more people checking out my beatmaps and friending me. idk what my user id on pjsekai is but my username is "Dr Pepper || Thumbs" if you ever see me and wanna say hi (im on ensekai)

blinkies, stamps, and buttons!